Just in time for good weather and cook-outs, the popular grab bags and boxes of meat that we offered last year are BACK! We have put together a few new options this time around in addition to the standard boxes. As always, availability is on a first-come, first-served basis and the boxes will be made up by us ahead of time.  We’ve partnered with a few local beef producers to bring you the best selection of locally-raised quality meats to fill your freezers and bellies. 

If you do happen to have a special order request, please don’t hesitate to let us know and we can put something together for you.  We’ve got lots of sausage, brats and ground pork flavors, plus a full array of cuts both fresh and smoked.  Chops, ribs, steaks, roasts… and did we mention THREE different kinds of bacon?  Yeah…

The Weekender:  $50.00

A great way to try a sample of what we have to offer.  You can expect a few prime cuts like pork chops or shoulder steaks, accompanied by a section of sausage, brats, burger, or… ?  It’ll keep you busy at the grill or in the kitchen, and whether you share with family, friends or keep it for your own personal stash, it’s guaranteed to satisfy!  We’ll even throw in a dozen of our fresh eggs so you can cook up the meanest brunch that ever was.

The Grill Master:  $75.00

It is, after all, prime grilling season and one can never have enough choices for dinner. This box is a collection of our favorite cuts for the grill, as well as brats, links, burgers and a pack of bacon so that you always have the perfect toppings option for anything you’re cooking up.  

The Local Prime:  $100.00 

If you’re looking for a solid supply of prime cuts, this is the way to go. You’ll be getting some beautiful center cuts like pork chops and rib eyes, along with some secondary cuts like round steaks and ham steaks.  However you plan on cooking your meats, they’ll be brimming with well-developed flavor and marbling, and look damn good on the plate, too.  

BdG Special— Bone Broth for Days:  $35.00

Making your own stock is not only easy and cheap, but it is THE best way to make sure you have a flavorful base for soups, rice, chili and anything else where you’re cooking with added liquid. Why add water when you can add flavor via rich, nutritious stock?  From beef shanks to pork hocks, duck giblets to chicken bits, this box is all about getting your stock on and ready for the winter.  Or, you can just pour yourself a mason jar of the stuff and go mean-muggin’ outside of your local Panera store.

One of Everything:  $245

If they all sound good to you, get one of everything and we'll give you a 5% discount.