IMG_4305exhaustion |igˈzôsCHən|   noun  1 a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue: he was pale with exhaustion.

satisfaction |ˌsatisˈfakSHən|

noun;  fulfillment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this: he smiled with satisfaction | managing directors seeking greater job satisfaction.


When eating dinner or taking a shower sound like more work than they're worth, it might be springtime on a farm.  I have nothing much more worthwhile to say, other than that it is past my bedtime.

"A remarkable springlike day, full of sunshine and running water— and a soft blue haze in the south— and a hungry unrest of the spirit.  I could not think of work, but of the sap running in maple trees, and the meadows coming bare, and the young things of the woods peeping out to see if winter is over and gone.  I think I never saw the sky so high and clear, or ever knew the wind so sweet."   — David Grayson, A Countryman's Year, c. 1936