Dogs and their bones This is not another post about the woes of winter, I promise, but it is about a little about the mindset of our animals and that of farming.  It's a mindset that's foreign to a lot of people and quite honestly, shouldn't be.  If there's one thing that Advertising has taught me, it's that you have to be delusionally optimistic.  No matter what people tell you or how tough a pitch may be, you have to believe that you're going to sell work.

While on a farm you don't face "rejection" per se, but you do have to be optimistic about every aspect of it.  It's the one area of "business" that, regardless of the the state of the economy and the market prices, it doesn't dictate riches or success.  It all could go to hell in a day with farming.  Hell, it could be fine on your neighbors' property and terrible on yours.

Walk About

All this is a way to say, being optimistic is a requirement. You have to just plan on the fact that things are going to go right. One way to gain inspiration is through your animals.  They seem to always know something you don't, especially when it comes to the weather. They accept what is, as opposed to continually trying to change things.  Our ducks play in every newly-formed melt pond. Our chickens are back to journeying around the yard, the pigs found their pasture again and the dogs are enjoying chewing smoked pig knucklebones in the grass.  Their optimisim is infectious and we are truly looking forward to the coming year.  There are a lot of good things on the horizon, babies scheduled, a meat csa and most importantly, the end of our first year of farming with the label of "success" aptly applied.  Here we come 2014...