Sometimes you just don’t want a cocktail.  I’ve found that, since being in arid Colorado, there are many nights when my cocktail choice is influenced heavily by how hot the day was or whether I’m dehydrated at all.  I love bourbon, but when I’m feeling thirsty a bourbon cocktail just won’t do. Last night I just wanted something refreshing and quick.  I put some crushed ice in a glass, poured about an ounce to an ounce-and-a-half of our delicious Leopold Brothers Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur over that, and topped it with sparkling mineral water.  For anyone out there who has been “burned” or disappointed by natural cherry flavors in things, Leopold Bros have it figured out.  Sure, everyone loves cherries and sweet cherries especially.  They’re great to eat.  But for spirits, it has taken some time for distillers and vitners to realize that tart cherries are far more interesting.  This spirit is absolutely worth buying… it’s tart and sweet and smooth and soft and… yum.  Tastes like home!