while back Kate and I went foraging with a friend for a variety of different items— near the house there is an old road where you can grab wild apples.  While most of the apples represented a more tart Cripps Pink [aka Pink Lady®], we came across these small, almost crabapple-size gems that were incredibly tart and sweet and would make an excellent baking apple… but a sweet-and-sour mix alternative came to mind too.  I believe my first words were “This would be great in a Margarita”. So we juiced the apples and sure enough, this was a perfect match for a margarita and was absolutely as good as I’ve ever had.  When shared with friends they agreed, and everyone was sad when our supply ran out. We paired this with a quick little cheese plate and sat outside on a beautiful night.

Now, what does one do if you don’t have access to wild apples? I would use an unripe granny smith or any kind that is very tart and sweet, and put them through a juicer.  Make sure there is little to no pulp to keep it nice and smooth.

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