Pizza is by far one of my favorite things to make and we usually make it in the oven, but tonight we decided to make it on the grill to try and get that great wood oven flavor and crust.  The pizza is one similar to what I’ve made before, think bianca-style [white, sans tomato sauce], but this time I added a bit of arugula and tomato to the top to change it up.  While it’s in season, roasted sweet corn on the top instead of arugula and tomato is just amazing. This pizza uses mascarpone instead of ricotta as is usually used in bianca, as well as mozzarella as expected, however the mascarpone adds a lovely layer of sweetness and a nice runny layer of cheese goodness.  To really take the flavor over the top… once it was baked and beautiful, we sprinkled freshly-made pork cracklins over it.  Because who isn’t rendering lard on a Friday night?

The Elder Tonic is a nice switch on the normal gin tonic by adding in some elderflower liqueur to give it a nice floral note on top of the juniper notes that we all love about gin.  Thatcher‘s elderflower is a shining example of the organic liqueurs they make, and are a nice little nod to Kate’s home state of Michigan.

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