Right now one of the best foods of the season has to be carrots, especially out here in Colorado where the minerality of the soil has great effects on the taste and sweetness of them.  As I came home, Kate had already conceived our next concoction and was ready with the juicer to start using some of those beautiful carrots. With the carrots juiced, we used some Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur, along with a bit of the recently made clove simple syrup, to add a bit of earthiness.  Topped with some ginger ale, we had a beautiful fall cocktail with a great blend of sweetness and heat from the ginger liqueur.

This cocktail was beautiful with the meal for the night.  Kate whipped up a beautiful frittata using some leftover gratin we had from the other night.  The frittata was made entirely on the stove top as the oven was being used for some Salame fermenting, and the results were definitely acceptable.  Topped that with some of the cracklins, salt and pepper and we had a beautiful fall meal outside.

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