In the fall, root vegetables and squash are plentiful and especially early in the fall, squash are sweet and delicious.  Tonight’s meal was a bit of a kitchen sink meal, cleaning out the fridge for this week’s market run.  We had some remaining dough from Pizza night, some goat cheese and a few different veggies we could use as a topping. I got the grill started again, but this time managed the heat better and kept it a more reasonable 450 – 500 degrees, as opposed to the red hot grill I had earlier in the week.  In addition, I also threw in some cherry wood to add some smokiness to the bread, and got back to making the bread itself.

As I mentioned, it was a bit of a kitchen sink kind of night, so as you construct this flat bread, experiment and add items in however you want.  The goal is to use logical pairings and be able to taste the layers of fall after you take it off the grill.

It was hot earlier that day, we had run around and taken care of some errands so we were definitely thirsty, which had a direct impact on our drink choice.  We decided to keep it easy and refreshing with a Cassis Lime Tonic.  The Mathilde Cassis is fantastic, syrupy, earthy and that nice blend of pepper and sweet that you’d expect from good cassis.  We also used the Hangar One Kaffir Lime vodka and some generic tonic.  All in all, it was a fantastic drink.  Simple, yet refreshing and some layers of flavor.  Kate for the win again…

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