When we were kids, there was nothing better than Breakfast for Dinner.  Strangely enough, not much has changed as adults, as whenever you think about having breakfast at night, well, 1. you rush back to being a kid and 2. You still get excited. We decided this weekend that at some point I was going to make what Kate calls, “The Famous French Toast”, however, this is just my french toast.  I did add a bit to it for the purposes of making it more savory, but on a whole, there isn’t a whole lot different about how I made this tonight and how I usually make it for breakfast.  We did however, cook up some Guanciale from Woodlands Pork for a side, and as usual, it was amazing.  Pinot, the butcher’s assistant, made an appearance as well during the slicing.

Today though, unexpectedly, was a horribly stressful day at work.  I knew by 11am I was going to need a pretty stiff cocktail to go along with whatever dinner I made.  Kate was up to the challenge and was already on making what I’ll call a “Negroniesque”.  The drink was pure alcohol, but also pure love.  It hit the spot, paired so well with the “dinner” and used one of my favorite ingredients, Antica Formula Vermouth.

Antica was introduced to me by a local New Yorker, while at WD-50.  He was a regular and when he entered they went down to get “his” vermouth.  As we talked about manhattans and what makes a great one, he bought me a glass of this vermouth.  Now, unless you’re extremely into cocktails, my guess is your idea of drinking vermouth straight is about as appealing as putting your finger in a door.  As I obliged this awesome old school east coaster, I was shocked to see how great this was.  It was sweet, toasty, a little syrupy and even a bit floral.  In short, it was amazing.  When I introduced this to Kate, she pretty much followed the same exact script I did, even down to the awesome old school east coaster [read: me].  Anyhow, buy some, make a manhattan or better yet, make the Negroniesque and enjoy one of the best vermouths on the planet and save money on Campari.

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