What is a Meat CSA?  "CSA" stands for Community-Supported Agriculture.  Small farms like ours don't thrive on volume, instead we strive for quality— both in the life of the animals, and the meat.  It is also important to us to be good stewards of the land on which we live. 

We are proud to raise pastured animals supplemented with  locally-grown and -milled grain, which is organic and GMO-free.  By purchasing a share of our Meat CSA, you are helping us to improve infrastructure on the farm, improve our bloodlines, and continue to build and maintain rotational pastures for the betterment of our animals' and soil health.  All that, plus delicious, naturally-raised meat for your family!   Your investment in our farm helps us to buy and support heritage breed livestock, be it rare chickens & pigs, or turkeys that take double the time to reach approximately half the size of commercial “Butterball” birds. We have been amazed at the flavor differences in these old-timey breeds, and think you will be too.

We offer pastured chicken, duck, turkey & pork raised on our 30-acre farmstead in Williamston. We have also partnered with three local family farms to expand our offerings and availability— Schneider Organic Beef in Westphalia, Jennings' Farms, Zatkovich pastures, as well as Fence Row Farm Natural Lamb in Charlotte.

Our Packages

The below are a sample offering of what we intend to provide per share size, each month. The actual shares you receive will vary month to month based on availability and season. The season runs from March - November, with November’s share being a credit towards your Thanksgiving turkey equal to your monthly share cost.

Small (5-7lbs)

3lb Chicken
2lb Pork Chops
1lb Beef Patties
1lb Brats  

$495.00 ($55.00/mo)

Medium (7-10lbs)

3lb Chicken
2lb Smocked Hocks
1lb Beef Tenderloin
2lb Beef Patties
1lb Brats 

$720.00 ($80.00/mo)

Large (10-12lbs)

3lb Chicken
2lb Ham Steak
1lb Smoked Hocks
3lb Brisket
1lb Beef Patties
1lb Brats

$855.00 ($95.00/mo)

Add Ons*

1lb Bacon- $108.00

*cost reflects the total for a full season.  Each month, you will receive your add-on of bacon in addition to your regular share.

* All prices are for the 9 month CSA period

We are located in Williamston, MI and do offer farm tours upon request and appointment. For any questions or
concerns, please contact Christian and Kate at info@hamsweetfarm.com.